Although Fraser Island is a beautiful destination, it is slightly less accessible than a mainland venue. The nearest airport to Fraser Island is Hervey Bay, on the Fraser Coast. It is a 10 minute drive from the airport to Urangan Harbour and then a 40 minute journey by catamaran to the Island. Other useful distances for your information are:-

  • Hervey Bay (Urangan Boat Harbour) to Kingfisher Bay – 40 mins by catamaran.
  • Hervey Bay (River Heads) to Kingfisher Bay – 45 mins by vehicular barge.
  • Noosa to Hervey Bay ‑ 2 and a half hours by road.
  • Brisbane to Hervey Bay ‑ 45 mins by air, 3 and a half hours by road once on Bruce Highway.
  • Sydney to Hervey Bay – 1 and three quarter hours by air
  • Sydney to Hervey Bay via Brisbane ‑ 2 and a half hours by air, 20 hours by road.
  • Melbourne to Hervey Bay, via Brisbane ‑ 3 and a half hours by air, 26 hours by road


Travel arrangements to the meeting are the responsibility of the participant. However this year, to facilitate access to Fraser Island,  we considered it important to make some contingency plans regarding travel. In our opinion, the easiest and most cost effective route to and from the Island is to fly from Sydney to Hervey Bay with Virgin Blue Airlines, however only one flight operates each day. With this in mind, we have reserved a number of seats on flights out of Sydney to Hervey Bay on Monday, 30 October and Tuesday, 31 October, and also a number of seats on return flights from Hervey Bay to Sydney on Saturday, 4 November and Sunday, 5 November (see section below "Flight information for Virgin Blue Group Bookings").  Please be aware that ALL flight bookings other than those detailed on the Intent to Participate form (the group booking with Virgin Blue) are to be made by the individual. Unfortunately, due to the number of conference attendees, we cannot be responsible for alternative flight arrangements.

Coaches will be available to transport passengers from the designated Virgin Blue flights to the harbour, and a catamaran will be organised to take those passengers to the Island without undue delay. The same arrangements will be in place for the return journey.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the conference organiser does not accept responsibility for loss of monies incurred by flight delays.



Sydney to Fraser Coast (Hervey Bay)

Monday 30 Oct

Dep: 11.35

Arr: 12.20


Sydney to Fraser Coast (Hervey Bay)

Tuesday 31 Oct

Dep: 11.35

Arr: 12.20


Please note the conference will commence with the Ron Ross Oration at 5pm on Tuesday 31 October


Fraser Coast (Hervey Bay) to Sydney

Saturday 04 Nov

Dep: 13.15

Arr: 16.00


Fraser Coast (Hervey Bay) to Sydney

Sunday 05 Nov

Dep: 12.00

Arr: 14.45


While the inward flight connections are excellent, the timing of the return flight from Hervey Bay to Sydney on Saturday, 4 November does not allow for easy connection with flights to Los Angeles/San Francisco for those wishing to return to the USA/Canada the same day.  If stopping overnight on Saturday in Sydney is not an option, there are a number of alternatives available for leaving the Island earlier, but this will be at the expense of the participant.  For further details, contact the Conference Secretariat.

Only a limited number of seats will be available for participants on the designated Virgin Blue flights through the Conference Secretariat after 1 August.  Once these seats are allocated, participants will have to make their own travel arrangements to Hervey Bay.  Go to and for reservations.


The transfer from Hervey Bay Airport to the harbour is approximately a 10 minute drive.  A coach will meet your flight at the airport and transfer you to the harbour.  If you are not arriving on the Virgin Blue group flight, ensure that the Conference Secretariat is notified of your arrival time, and we will endeavour to arrange your transfer to Fraser Island.  Alternatively, you may elect to make your own arrangements to connect by ferry to Fraser Island.

CATAMARAN:   $50 per Adult return.
                         $25 per Child (4‑14) return: Journey Time ‑ 40 minutes

Depart Urangan Harbour

Depart Kingfisher Bay Resort









NB: These are scheduled ferry departures.  If there is sufficient demand, it is possible to organise a charter ferry on Saturday, 4 November which will depart at 05.45 in order to connect with the first flight out of Hervey Bay to Brisbane (Sunshine Express) which departs at 07.30 and arrives at 08.45 in Brisbane.  This early start will assist some with onward flight connections, especially those returning to the USA/Canada.  PLEASE CONTACT THE CONFERENCE SECRETARIAT IF YOU WISH TO USE THIS OPTION (

BARGE:           $130.00 per vehicle (incl driver & 3 passengers)
                        + $9.00 per passenger return: Journey Time ‑ 45 minutes

Depart Riverheads

Depart Kingfisher Bay Resort







NOTE: River Heads is approximately a 20 minute drive from Hervey Bay