Thanks goes to all of the below who have contributed so much to the organisation of the 3rd PacRim Breast and Prostate Cancer Meeting. The success of the PacRim conferences is in great part due to the contributions of our three Committees:


Susan Henshall, Lisa Butler, Chris Ormandy, Juergen Reichardt, Villis Marshall, Stephen Birrell, Rob Sutherland, Wayne Tilley


Stephen Birrell, Christine Clarke, Judith Clements, Gerry Coetzee, Gillian Duchesne, Laura Esserman, Suzanne Fuqua, John Forbes, Edward Gelmann, Martin Gleave, John Grygiel, Susan Henshall, Chris Haiman, John Hopper, Peter Jones, Mary-Claire King, Ed Liu, Villis Marshall, Colleen Nelson, David Nicol, Ian Olver, Chris Ormandy, Malcolm Pike, Jacek Pinski, David Quinn, Derek Raghavan, Paul Rennie, Juergen Reichardt, Gail Risbridger, Christobel Saunders, Evan Simpson, Mike Stallcup, Rob Sutherland, Wayne Tilley.


USC Norris Cancer Center, Los Angeles: Gerhard Coetzee, Chris Haiman, Malcolm Pike, Jacek Pinski, David Quinn
UBC/The Prostate Center at Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver: Martin Gleave, Colleen Nelson, Paul Rennie
Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney: John Grygiel, Susan Henshall, Chris Ormandy, Rob Sutherland
University of Sydney: Juergen Reichardt
Cancer Council of Australia: Ian Olver
Hanson Institute/University of Adelaide, Adelaide: Steve Birrell, Lisa Butler, Villis Marshall, Howard Morris, Wayne Tilley