A Poster session has been incorporated into the program this year to facilitate participation by students and post-doctoral fellows. The Poster session will be held in an informal setting with drinks and refreshments both before and after dinner on the Wednesday evening. Pre-dinner drinks with a park ranger "guided" natural foods of Fraser Island tasting will be held in the Poster area. Coffee and drinks will be available after dinner in the Poster area.

All students and post-doctoral fellows are encouraged to submit a poster. Please forward a poster abstract in the format outlined below as soon as possible, but by 1 September at the very latest, to


Author affiliation(s)

Indicate the most relevant topic from the following list:-

  • Epigenetics and chromatin: breast-and prostate-specific mechanisms
  • Identification of functionally important genes: new prevention and treatment targets
  • Targeted therapies: optimal use and predicting response
  • Animal models: what's new and what's required
  • Biomarkers – predicting risk, prognosis and treatment outcomes
  • Maximising molecular and translational research opportunities in clinical trials
  • Stem cells: identification and role in tumour progression
  • Receptor negative tumours: etiology, molecular basis and treatment
  • Risk, genetic susceptibility and prevention
  • Importance of the tumour micro-environment – primary and metastatic sites
  • Optimal use (timing) of hormones, chemotherapy and new targeted therapies

Abstract text: text should not exceed 300 words and should be in 12pt, Times New Roman


Posters should incorporate the information requested for abstracts; most importantly, posters must be succinct, avoid excess text and easily read from 2 metres. Maximum width for a poster is 1.5 metres. Maximum height is 1.0 metre.